instadose™ Dosimeter

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Benefits for your facility include:

  • Lower limit of detection: 1 mrem
  • Pulse radiation response
  • Unlimited reads
  • Online badge reassignment
  • NO badge collection
  • NO battery replacements
  • NO annual calibration
  • Accredited- NVLAP (US) and HSE (UK)


The instadose™ dosimeter brings radiation monitoring into the digital age. Smaller than a flash drive, this rugged instant read radiation dosimeter provides immediate dose readings when connected to any computer with internet access.

When a user wishes to obtain a reading he or she simply logs-in to any computer with internet access. The accumulated dose stored on the device is processed through a proprietary algorithm. Once complete, a graphical representation of the current dose displays on the screen. The user can also view cumulative dosage information.

With our secure online AMP program (Account Management Program), account administrators can manage all the elements of a radiation monitoring program online. From account administration to managing individual wearers and devices, AMP provides real time access to account details, device assignments, reports, and all pertinent account information.

Reports available to view and download:

  • Radiation Exposure Summary Report
  • History Detail Report
  • Employee Reading Status Report


  • Any occupational worker with potential exposure photons

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