Laboratory Specialist

Receives singular tasks to be performed from start to finish including all supporting documentation with oversight from his/her supervisor.

Performs routine mechanical, electrical, chemical, and crystallographic analysis on materials, products, components, etc., using various laboratory equipment and instruments and performs quality checks.

Prepares, analyzes, and/or machines samples utilizing established laboratory practices and documented procedures.

Maintains, performs routine calibrations and operates laboratory equipment. May assist with troubleshooting.

Keeps lab equipment, supplies and work areas clean and organized.

Disposes of samples, waste, and broken glassware in adherence with strict safety procedures.

Prioritizes samples, plans work sequence, and communicates status and results to supervisor.

Plays an active role in creating a safe and healthy workplace and complies with all applicable safety and health rules and regulations.


General working knowledge of laboratory instruments and equipment.

Knowledge of basic computer operations including spreadsheets, word processing, and email.

Familiar with company safety and health policies and programs.

High internal quality standards

Willingness to work second shift and overtime when required

Ability to lift 50 lb. infrequently

Willingness to work with mineral acids and solvents and to follow proper safety procedures.

Job involves standing most of shift

Good interpersonal and communication skills

Good reading, language, and mathematical skills

Manual dexterity

Ability to operate assigned equipment safely and efficiently