Projects Manager

Main responsibilities and authorities


  • Being totally in charge and responsible for the implementation of project management procedures (project management guide)
  • Analyzing the needs of customers, making the adequacy of those needs and MIRION offer, defining the pricing strategy
  • Building the technical and commercial offers, under the responsibility of sales managers, being support in negotiation phases of the sales division of the technical and sales plans
  • Being the “entry point”  for client, the guarantor of the compliance of its requirements and needs during the project cycle in accordance with the company's rules and objectives (cost, quality and time), from project initiation until the end of the sold service (including commissioning and warranty period)
  • Initiate and structure the projects in coordination with the sales administration: Define the tasks and process supplies and limited supplies, means/facilities and resources, identify the risks and establish a plan
  • Lead projects (coordinate stakeholders, to guide the progress and processing the events by ensuring the effectiveness of the actions, monitoring the objectives, manage to be on schedule... etc.
  • Contribute to the profitability/cost-effectiveness of the company by supervising contributory project margin, proposing preventive or corrective actions to maintain or improve
  • Making a regular report toward internal and external stakeholders including financial aspects and compliance in respect of QA processes
  • To inform about any significant news/event regarding competitors, market…




Hierarchical             None

Functional               Multidiciplinary teams




Sales agents






Skills required

      Technical skills


Advancing knowledge on technological field, normative, quality and customer’s needs

Advanced knowledge of ERP tool (industry and distribution)

Mastery/Control of QA process for its function

Mastery/Control of managing the technical projects

Mastery/Control of the international export control practices (customs, payment, shipping, etc.)

Knowledge of the general rules of sales administration




      Organizational skills


Ability to organize the work in a multitasking environment

Ability to follow up and control subcontractor’s studies

Ability to participate to improve the operational organization in its sector

Ability to manage a budget constraints with good quality and timing


         Management skills


Functional management of multidisciplinary teams

Control of the customer relationship in phase of exploration and business management



         Personal skills




Good relational skills, good listener

Written and oral communication in English



         Other skills (optionally)

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