RMS Project & Technical Support Engineer

         I.   Specific Requirements:  The project & technical support engineer shall meet the following minimum qualifications:


  1. Associate engineer (B.S. degree preferred) in nuclear, electronic, mechanical or a related field of instrument engineering.
  2. Three years of relevant work experience.
  3. Basic knowledge of nuclear radiation characteristics, radiation instrumentation, radiation detectors & associated electronics (analog and digital) and nuclear analysis  techniques.
  4. Ability to work with low level radioactive material, in accordance with MGP’s Instruments radiation materials license requirements. Practical working experience in nuclear facility is preferred.
  5. Strong computer and digital electronics skills. Proficient with MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.  Experience in Monte Carlo and Microshield analyses is highly preferred.
  6. Good English communications skills.
  7. Strong interpersonal skills.
  8. Ability to withstand detailed background investigation and reference checks.
  9. Must meet the NRC criteria for admission into nuclear power plants in the USA.
  10. 10.  Willing to travel to customer sites (~20% travel time). 


II.  Job Scope:  Duties may generally be described as providing complete project & technical support for all Radiation Monitoring System (RAMSYS) projects/products.

Typical applications involve:  On-site and off-site customer technical support; Support in generating technical offers, generating test procedures & test reports; conducting acceptance testing; qualification testing; CGI dedication; training (on site & off site); system configuration and installation supervision.

Specific job duties include the following, plus others which may be assigned:


  1. RMS project engineering, design and production support by:
  2. Reviewing RFQ and assisting in preparing technical proposals
  3. Assist in all phases of project negotiation & execution
  4. Evaluating the characteristics of the process monitor for specific application
  5. Performing Monte Carlo and Microshield analyses

                  e.   Configuring/Modifying RAMSYS monitors to adapt to the customer specifications           .

                  f.  Establishing test procedures and conducting post-production tests.

                  g.  Generating technical specifications for products and subcontractors.

                  h.  Reviewing production files (drawings & BOM).

                  i.  Generating root cause analysis & failure mode and effect analyses

                  j.  Preparing project compliance matrix


         2.  Perform RAMSYS acceptance/qualification testing and nuclear calibration by:

                  a.  Writing system test and calibration procedures for specific configurations.

                  b.  Performing system acceptance/qualification test and nuclear calibration.

                  c.  Preparing system test and calibration report.

                  d.  Reporting and resolving any non-conformance, if necessary.


         3.  Provide RAMSYS installation, training, and technical support by:

                  a.  Providing on-site installation supervision/assistance to customers.

                  b.  Writing system-specific operating instructions/ manuals

                  c.  Training classes on-site and off-site.

                  d.  Providing on-line response for customer support as needed.

                  e.  Following up with customers to assure maximum customer satisfaction.

                  f.   Demonstrating equipment to customers (on-site, in the office and in exhibitions).


         4.  Perform related RAMSYS activities by:

                  a.  Testing RAMSYS circuit boards and sub-assemblies.

                  b.  Evaluating the operation/performance of RAMSYS equipment.

                  c.  Writing/revising CGI dedication procedures, performing CGI dedication.

                  d.  Reviewing all RAMSYS related technical/marketing materials.

                  e.  Supporting sales and marketing efforts.

                  f.  Provide feedback concerning products (MGP’s and competitors) and customer



         5.  Maintain and improve work area and technical competence by:

                  a.  Keeping an uncluttered, clean, and organized work area.

                  b.  Completing required training and performance improvements successfully.

                  c.  Attending educational seminars, conferences, and workshops, as approved                                                    by supervisor.

  1. Acquiring in-depth knowledge of other MGP’s product portfolio (software and