Introductory Customer Support Agreement​



We are pleased to offer a new Services product, the Introductory Customer Support Agreement. This product is offered to select new support agreement customers. It includes specific services related to the customer’s new products, plus a collection of our most valuable standard Customer Support Agreement provisions.

Below is a summary of the benefits of the Introductory Customer Support Agreement:

Free Installation and Familiarization, replacing that service offered in your product quotation. 

Your product quotation includes services designed to ensure that your new products are installed, operational, and meeting your expectations as quickly, efficiently, and completely as possible. The Introductory CSA includes installation services to ensure a successful startup, plus it adds many additional support agreement elements for the best customer support experience.

Extensive parts and repair coverage (return to factory) 

Our best and recommended level of protection covers most parts and labor costs on CANBERRA equipment for a worry free, high-quality repair every time. 

10% discount on additional services

  • Other Installations 
  • Outage Support 
  • Training 
  • System Auditing 
  • Equipment Calibrations 
  • Application Consultation 
  • Site-specific Customizations 
  • Verification and Validation

Call for even more services!

Free Software/Firmware Updates 

Today’s counting systems rely as much on software and firmware as the detector. Our Field Service or Technical Support Team can help install these updates correctly and explain all changes.

One free on-site preventative maintenance visit 

This includes an on-site visit to check the state of health of your system and provide assistance for the installed products. This preventative maintenance visit could be replaced by an on-site visit for other support services by mutual agreement.

Priority 1-Number Phone Support 

CSA customers are ensured of reaching a qualified individual to address their needs in the shortest time possible. All service related issues and solutions received through 1# are tracked and visible to the entire support team, allowing us to quickly recognize recurring issues and manage solutions to completion.

Priority Tech Support and Repairs 

CSA customers are flagged and immediately assigned to an appropriate Technical Service representative to assist with any technical questions or status updates needed during the repair process. This results in faster response time and resolution. Repairs may be performed at our Service Center or on-site by one of our trained Field Support Engineers.

Free Mirion Connect training attendance (2 x 1 day or 1 x 2 day) 

Mirion Connect attendance offers education, exchange of ideas, and exposure to new technology. Our array of Mirion Connect seminars delivers topics for every interest. Take a 25% discount for additional Mirion Connect training attendees.

To sign up or learn more about our Introductory CSA, contact your local account manager or call our Services Group.