Equipment Matrix - Nuclear Science Experiments for Teaching Laboratories

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Model Description 1 Experiment 1:
Gamma-Ray Detection with Scintillator Detectors
2 Experiment 2:
Counting Statistics and Error Prediction
3 Experiment 3:
Gamma-Ray Absorption in Matter (Basic)
4 Experiment 4:
Compton Scattering
5 Experiment 5:
Half-Life Measurement
6 Experiment 6:
Signal Processing with Digital Signal Electronics
7 Experiment 7:
High-Resolution Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy with HPGe detectors
8 Experiment 8:
Gamma-Ray Efficiency Calibration
9 Experiment 9:
Gamma-Ray Coincidence Counting Techniques
10 Experiment 10:
Positron Annihilation
11 Experiment 11:
Mathematical Efficiency Calibration
12 Experiment 12:
True Coincidence Summing
Osprey-ProSpect ProSpect Gamma Spectroscopy Software B B B B B B B B B B B B
Osprey Digital Tube Base B B B B B       B B    
802-2x2 NaI Detector 2" x 2" B B B B B B     B B    
LABKIT-Table Teaching Laboratory Scattering Table Assembly (Includes Table, NaI Detector Shielding, Source Collimation, and Scattering Pillar) B B B B B B   B B B    
LABKIT-Abs Teaching Laboratory Absorber Set     B             B   B
LABKIT-SR-Cs137 137Cs source compatible with Scattering Table Assembly       B                
(provided separately)
137Cs button source 1 microcurie, ±20% unc S S S     S S S S      
22Na button source 1 microcurie, ±20% unc     S           S S   S
60Co button source 1 microcurie, ±20% unc S           S S       S
57Co button source 1 microcurie, ±20% unc     S       S          
88Y button source 1 microcurie, ±20% unc S                      
152Eu reference standard ±5% unc               S     S S
Irradiated Vanadium Foils (requires Neutron source) or 137mBa Isogenerator         S              
Unknown volumetric sample (such as Marinelli Beaker)                     S  
2007P Photomultiplier Tube Base/Preamplifier           A     A A    
RCP-CABLE-10 CP Preamp 10 FT. Cable Set           A A A A A A A
Lynx-MCA Lynx-Digital Signal Analyzer           A A A A A A A
BE2825 BE2825 Broad Energy Germanium Detector System with ISOCS Characterization and RCP-Cable-10                 A      
LABKIT-SRCEHLD Set of Two HPGe Source Holders             A A A   A A
802-2x2 Extra 802 2x2 NaI Detector 2" x 2"                 A A    
LABKIT-NAICOLL Extra 802 2x2 NaI Detector Shielding                 A A    
S574 LabSOCS Mathematical Efficiency Calibration Software                     A A
Base experiment package

Model LABKIT-Basic

  • Osprey-ProSpect
  • 802-2x2 NaI Detector
  • LABKIT-Table
  • LABKIT-Abs
  • LABKIT-SR-Cs137
Sources purchased separately
  • 137Cs (Experiment 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9)
  • 22Na (Experiment 3, 9, 10, 12)
  • 60Co (Experiment 1, 7, 8, 12)
  • 57Co (Experiment 3, 7)
  • 88Y (Experiment 1)
  • 152Eu (Experiment 8, 11, 12)
  • Neutron Source + Vanadium Foils OR 137mBa Isogenerator (Experiment 5)
Additional advanced package

Model LABKIT-Advanced

  • BE2825 HPGe Detector System
  • Lynx-MCA
  • 802-2x2 NaI Detector
  • S574 LabSOCS Software
  • 2007P Preamplifier
  • RCP-10-CABLE