Detector Engineer

Meriden, CT


Under limited supervision performs germanium and silicon device research & development, design, physical layout, testing, and evaluation of processes, electronics, and electro-mechanical devices and systems comprising semiconductor manufacturing systems, vacuum systems, cryogenic systems, and others.  Performs product development activities, including prototyping, implementation of customer specifications, and documentation requirements. Conducts engineering studies and may assign work
to technical staff. Normally receives general instructions on routine work and detailed instructions on new assignments.



  • Those which make up the core of the position are extremely important and must be completed in order for performance in the position to be acceptable and successful.
  • Support research and development of new silicon and germanium x-ray/gamma-ray devices, fabrication processes, and related equipment.
  • Project management for development activities.
  • Design, layout, support, and evaluate new products related to cryogenically cooled germanium gamma detectors and associated accessories. 
  • Test and record data for development and sustaining efforts
  • Generate and revise documentation
  • Interact with Engineering Group and Fabrication group to solve day to day manufacturing problems related to germanium and silicon detector manufacture.   Sustaining
  • Interact with Fabrication group to review and implement new processes and process modifications or revisions.  Sustaining
  • Design and develop manufacturing aids.
  • Develop processes, procedures and fixtures for manufacture of detector products.
  • Conduct product and process development for germanium and silicon detectors and hardware.



  • Those which are moderately important, are helpful if completed, but are not basic to the position's success.
  • Assist in troubleshooting Production problems related to device fabrication



  • Must be a methodical and expeditious problem solver.
  • Must look forward to challenge.
  • Must have excellent communication skills, both oral and written.
  • Must be able to develop and execute work plans.
  • Working knowledge in general chemistry.
  • Working knowledge of electronics.
  • Working knowledge of vacuum and cryogenic processes.
  • Knowledge of semi-conductor/p-n junction theory.
  • Ion implantation experience.
  • Radiation measurement experience.
  • Germanium and Silicon Gamma-Ray/XR-Ray Device fabrication experience.



  • Working knowledge of Computer Aided Design Software and Management.
  • Working knowledge of programming and scripting languages (e.g. C++,VB, Python…)



  • 3-5 yrs experience in device process engineering preferred.​
  • To develop germanium and silicon detector devices and processes.


  • BS in engineering or related field. 
  • To provide a foundation for learning the semi-conductor and electronics theory necessary to carry out tasks.


Interested applicants must contact on or before March 13, 2020.

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