Detector ISOCS Technician

Meriden, CT


Working with the Physics group you will be providing assistance in the manufacture, testing and qualification of production devices and systems. You will be working with a small group of physicists providing expertise in a wide range of technologies, measuring alpha, beta and gamma spectroscopy. You will also be required to provide technical support to detector production. Assist in trouble shooting detector issues. Provides resolution to moderately complex technical or engineering-related problems. May work in a variety of technical areas such as engineering, process computer support, maintenance and operations. Reviews progress and updates management, as needed. Assist in Detector test and ISOCS (In Situ Object Counting System) production.

We are looking for someone who is meticulous with details with an insatiable curiosity.


  • Perform ISOCS measurement tasks.
  • Perform ISOCS Characterization tasks.
  • Assist in trouble shooting detector issues.
  • Develops, recommends, and prepares technical reports and documentation.
  • Performs technical evaluations of events to determine root cause and recommends corrective action.
  • Provides resolution to moderately complex technical or engineering-related problems
  • Evaluates, selects and applies technical techniques, procedures, and criteria using judgment in making adaptations and modification.


  • Perform queries in detector database for special reports as required.
  • Stay up to date on computer technology.
  • Develop programming skills to participate in software tool development and maintenance.
  • May lead projects.


  • Solid foundation in the field of radiation detection and measurement.
  • Familiarity with electronic test equipment.
  • An understanding of the mathematics of radiation, including statistics.
  • Comfortable with computer use, including some experience in programming.
  • Ability to work as part of a multidisciplinary team to complete a common objective.
  • Handling radioactive point sources.


  • Programming skills in python (preferred) or other programming language.
  • Good leadership qualities.
  • Strong problem identification and problem-solving resolution skills.
  • Strong communication skills including the ability to comprehend and convey detailed technical data.
  • Ability to interface with all members of the Detector Products Division.
  • Ability to work effectively with all levels of staff and management.


0—3 years’ experience experimental physics.


Bachelor’s Degree, Physics / Nuclear Engineering preferred.


Interested applicants must contact on or before March 20, 2020.

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