Detection and Measurement

Detection & Measurement Division (DMD) offers radiation measurement, personnel protection, advanced safety and search, and decontamination and decommissioning solutions for a variety of worldwide applications, from research to high-temperature cameras.

Providing regional customer focus in sales, support and service, DMD operates under two divisions, DMD Americas and DMD E&A, serving Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Advanced Solutions for Radiological Safety and Search


NDA Systems


From standalone manually-loaded systems, to fully-automated systems which provide greater throughput and minimize personnel exposure. Mobile system configurations are also available, including ISO containers or semi-trailers. Mirion partners with its customers to configure the appropriate solution to help address site requirements, reduce operating costs and lower personnel exposure levels to meet ALARA program goals.

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Smart Surveys. Limitless Applications.


Scan equipment for contamination, monitor areas, and perform handheld surveys with the RDS-31. Designed for ease of use and adaptability for any application in oil and gas, nuclear power, industrial and medical. 


Solutions for Challenging D&D Projects

Decontamination and Decommissioning (D&D) is a major effort worldwide, covering everything from early R&D facilities to first generation nuclear power plants, weapons and fuel fabrication facilities and research reactors. Learn More in our new brochure >


Measurement & Expertise


Mirion’s Measurement and Expertise (M&E) group delivers exceptional technical expertise and experienced staff to solve your nuclear measurement challenges while saving cost and time.

Our Measurements and Expertise (M&E) team provides services to measure and analyze nuclear material more efficiently. This team benefits from high level experts around the world with a combined 500 years of field experience. Having Mirion’s Measurement and Expertise on your side ensures the quality of results, the safety of your site and innovative solutions customized for your needs.

Above and beyond its unique expertise, the M&E team leverages Mirion’s unique nuclear instrumentation.

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Criticality Systems

When addressing the complex measurement challenges in the nuclear industry, we deliver measurement solutions for a wide range of radioactive materials - for example, depleted-to-highly-enriched uranium, plutonium, actinides and transuranic wastes as well as fission and activation products. 

For fuel cycle facilities, we offer unique Criticality Accident Alarm Systems (CAAS) with neutron and gamma detections for optimum false alarm rate. 

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Extreme Environment Imaging


Our radiation tolerant inspection and surveillance systems, whether permanently located within the plant or used in portable or temporary configuration are designed to survive the hostile environments frequently encountered.

Our high temperature imaging systems combine temperature measurement, real-time video, and image processing into an enhanced video experience showing measurement information overlaid onto a live video image.

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Radiological Counting Lab Solutions

In the laboratory count room, our time-tested software packages, teamed with a full complement of innovative detectors and signal processing electronics, offer sophistication with simplicity. The Apex® family of lab productivity software including Apex-Gamma™ for gamma spectroscopy, Apex-Alpha™ for alpha spectroscopy and Apex-Alpha/Beta™ for alpha/beta counting is designed to handle the work load of a busy lab. Additionally, ISOCS™ and LabSOCS™ Sourceless Calibration Software bring a new level of capabilities to gamma sample analysis by eliminating the need for traditional calibration sources during the efficiency calibration process.

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In Situ Measurement Solutions

In situ gamma spectroscopy is a valuable tool for supporting applications such as decontamination and decommissioning (D&D) at nuclear facilities. These measurements save money and time when compared to the conventional process of extracting samples and sending them to a remote laboratory for analysis. The in situ measurement product line includes a full complement of gamma spectroscopy systems and detector technologies from hand-held scintillation detector spectrometers to cart-based, high resolution HPGe spectroscopy systems. The products cover a full range of portability, sensitivity and spectral resolution capabilities and form the basis for the automated waste assay systems offered by the Mirion Characterization Division. Systems are also available with a simplified user interface for non-expert operators taking field measurements.

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In Vivo Measurement Solutions

The Mirion Spectroscopy Division is a leading global supplier for In Vivo Counting systems and has two systems specifically designed for personnel monitoring at nuclear facilities – the FASTSCAN™ and the ACCUSCAN™ whole body counters. Both systems employ gamma spectroscopy to provide nuclide identification as well as the activity of any contamination found during a count. This level of detail is not possible with contamination monitors using gas flow or plastic scintillator detectors. Additionally, Actinide Lung Counting Systems are available that are capable of measuring low energy actinides in the lungs with or without the ability to also scan the whole body for fission products. All of these counting systems employ Apex-InVivo™ Whole Body and Lung Counting Productivity Software for operation, data analysis and reporting.

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Radiation Safety. Perfected.


For situations requiring the accurate dose monitoring of personnel in nuclear power, specialized industries, military and medical applications, explore the capabilities of our most advanced radiation dosimeter. The DMC 3000 offers a marriage of superior radiological response with flexible and friendly operation.

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Research and Education Solutions

Canberra™ detectors and instrumentation have been used in materials analysis, physics, and space studies in some of the world’s leading industries and research institutes. A dedicated R&D structure allows us to deliver innovative nuclear detection systems based on a comprehensive exploration of all available and emerging technologies. A detailed Nuclear Science Experiments with Digital Electronics Lab Manual and associated Lab Kits are also available to assist with hands on exposure to fundamental and advanced topics of gamma-ray measurement and gamma spectroscopy in teaching and research laboratories.

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