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DOEL PIG Project

DOEL Contractors Award 2021 216x313

Award Winning

Replacement of 58 x 1E / Cat A signal processing units with DAK 250-i/-g and 8 N1E units with DPK 251 between 2016 and 2021.


For this project, all old equipment needed to be replaced on site, meaning we had to:

  • create form-fit-function replacement electronics with our DAK 250-i/-g in order to keep the detectors, cables etc. of the existing measurement system
  • dismantle the old electronics on site
  • install our new electronics in the existing cabinets
  • commission the new electronics

In addition to the replacement of the measurement transducers, we also

  • developed and manufactured a new 1E Cat A digital controller for flow-, temperature and pressure regulation acc. IEC 60880
  • qualified several process instrumentation as e.g. flow meter, pressure meter or temperature sensors acc. Nuclear standards.

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