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SDNE Labgene Project

Neutron Flux Instrumentation for a NEW research reactor in South America

Supply of complete ex- and in-core neutron flux instrumentation based on the proTK™ / 260 series including:

  • 4 redundant I&C cabinets with the ex-core neutron flux instrumentation, each cabinet including:
    • 1 x source range signal processing unit DAK 260-i
    • 1 x intermediate range signal processing unit DAK 260-g
    • 1 x power range signal processing unit DGK 260
  • Factory Acceptance Test of the detectors and cables, assemblies and pre amplifiers4 redundant sets of neutron flux detector assemblies, each set consisting of:
    • 1 x source range detector assembly with a B-10 proportional counter PN 50
    • 1 x intermediate range detector assembly with aFactory Acceptance Test of the detectors and cables, assemblies and pre amplifiers gamma compensated B-10 ionization chamber KNK 50 ACH
    • 1 x power range detector assembly with two un-compensated B-10 ionization chambers KNU 50 ACH
  • 1 non-safety cabinet with computer systems for
    • Acquisition and storage of neutron flux information
    • Noise calculation, reactivity calculation, data analysis and visualization
    • Additional terminals for configuration, visualization, analysis and maintenance
  • Complete in-core nuclear instrumentation system consisting of:
    • In-core detector bundles, each consisting of various SPNDs + Thermocouples
    • I&C cabinets with proTK™ Analog Front End (AFE) modules for processing the signals from the SPNDs,
      and data acquisition and processing units for reactor power distribution calculations and for monitoring functions

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