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Eclipse Alpha Beta Training


24.00 CEC

This 3-day course covers all aspects of current version Eclipse™ operation in conjunction with Tennelec™ Alpha/Beta counters. It is an introductory course that begins with hardware familiarization and proceeds through setup, calibration, and sample counting. The course then covers more advanced functionality such as the Microsoft Access database, custom report generation, and report modification using Seagate Crystal Reports.

Attendees will examine the Microsoft Access database and learn how Eclipse data is stored. Seagate Crystal Reports is discussed in-depth during the class, and multiple versions of Crystal Reports are typically presented. Crystal Reports syntax, formula editing, and advanced features will be discussed. Attendees are encouraged to bring copies of their custom reports to be reviewed and edited during the class. "Hands on" learning is encouraged, both with the hardware and the software. Hardware varies by location, but typically includes vintage Tennelec systems as well as state of the art systems. Attendees are encouraged to provide feedback as to how Eclipse is currently being used in their labs, and what changes should be made in the future. Course content will be tailored to best satisfy the needs of the individual attendees. At least 35% of the class time is dedicated to hands-on exercises.

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