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InSpector 1000 Operations


16.00 CEC

Mirion's SU-562-2 training course provides comprehensive instruction for proper operation of the InSpector™ 1000 handheld gamma spectroscopy equipment. This course begins with an overview the InSpector 1000 hardware and a brief review of applicable radiation detection and health physics principles. This course covers routine counting operations, instrument parameter setup, and calibration with associated gamma detectors. Typical InSpector 1000 measurement applications will be discussed, including in situ measurements using sodium iodide (NaI), lanthanum bromide (LaBr), and Cadmium Zinc Telluride (CZT) detectors. Additional topics include spectral data collection, spectral file transfer, optional use of ISOCS™ efficiency calibration files, and reporting of analysis results. This course also covers various options for data analysis within Genie™ software, and use of the specialized InSpector 1000 Maintenance software. Approximately 60% of this 2-day course will be presented in lecture format, with the remaining 40% allocated for group discussion and practical exercises.

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