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Protect the Core: Operational Cybersecurity for Nuclear Facilities

| 1 hour

In the digital age, the protection of operational technology (OT) assets in nuclear facilities has never been more crucial. As threats evolve and become more sophisticated, so must our defenses. Join us for a comprehensive webinar delving into the intricacies of OT cybersecurity tailored for nuclear plants. We'll offer insights into our state-of-the-art solution, designed not only to detect and respond to threats but also to proactively guard against potential cyber-attacks. Learn how we integrate decades of nuclear safety expertise with cutting-edge cybersecurity practices to offer a robust protective shield for your OT assets. Don't leave your facility vulnerable — arm yourself with the knowledge and tools to safeguard the heart of your operations.

Paul Attaway

Paul Attaway is the Secure Integrated Solutions (SIS) Product Line and Business Development Manager for Mirion Technologies. Since 2010, Paul has progressively expanded his role and responsibilities, leveraging his IT management education with a hands-on project management style. He has been part of collaborative efforts resulting in successful projects at many sites. Before Mirion, Paul played a role in developing specialized systems for a wide array of clients in the commercial security industry. Paul's dedication to teamwork and leadership can be traced back to his time in the United States Marine Corps, serving as a Non-Commissioned Officer with the 2nd Battalion, 2nd Marine Infantry during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Paul holds a bachelor of science degree in IT management.


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