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  • Powerful New Dose Insights
  • Easy Administration of All Your Dosimetry Badges
  • Efficient Access & Full Control


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Dashboard Overview with Key Insights…

Dose Central centralizes and simplifies the monitoring and administration of your radiation dosimetry badges.See key insights and metrics. View/Add/Edit locations, groups, wearers, and badges. Generate, download/save, and print reports.Dose Central puts YOU in complete control of your radiation dosimetry program.

Dose Central Graph


Locations, Wearers, Badges, Dose Histories at Your Fingertips…


Instantly Generate, Download, Print a Variety of Dose, Badge, and ALARA Reports…


PLUS, Create and Manage Your Dose Read Calendars…

Add new and modify existing Calendars to automate dose reads for your wireless Instadose dosimeters.