Graphic Elements and Imagery

Market Icons


A logical series of icons has been created in order to characterize each market segment. These icons are used each time it is necessary to underline a specific market, in our datasheets, external publications or PPT Presentations when a generic and market-oriented picture is not present. The use of these market icons is optional.


 Market Icons (Download - JPG, PNG, EPS)

 Mirion's icon to represent each of it's industries



Hexagon backgrounds can be used in many ways. Here are just a couple of samples that may be helpful.

Blue Hexagon Background: Download

White Hexagon Background : Download


Iconography & Image Library


We are building a cohesive image library that includes images ranging from industry-specific to customer-specific. The following characteristics apply to every image:

  • Simple, uncluttered
  • A sense of reality in context and situation
  • Rich, colorful high-res photography

The hexagon is used in all its forms, but it must remain recognizable. The use of these images and hexagon is optional.


Image Library (Download - JPG)

Visual Identity | Iconography & Image Library