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New Design Proposal


Mirion Technologies Logo needs to appear in full color on "start-up" screens of any software packages, apps included. Design of new software should take into account the following visual elements of our graphic charter:

  • Mirion colors
  • Mirion logos (color and black and white)
  • Use of imagery: industry icons, product photos, industry photos and hexagon


Installed directories default name should be C:/Mirion/names_of_software


Mirion logo or icon shall be located at top left corner. The Mirion logo also replaces any divisional brands found on all reports issues from software packages such as calibration sheets, historical data, personal records. Use of the Mirion "M" icon is acceptable for the following:

  • Top left corner of any other screens beyond "start-up" screen
  • Icon for desktop shortcut
  • Icon for "apps"
  • Icon for file location


 Software (Download -)

Mirion Technologies' new design proposal


CD Label


Legal Statement described in previous sections to be incorporated on CD Labels. Design shown is optional.

CD Label (Download - JPG, PNG, DOCX)

Mirion Technologies' CD Label