Business Cards


Legacy brands should not appear anywhere on the business cards.


  • Arial 9pt in Panton 7477 is the the font and color to be used for all personnel information listed.
  • First and last name - Arial Bold 9pt
  • Title - Arial italic 9pt
  • Address - Arial Regular 9pt
  • Email - Arial Regular 9pt
  • Web Address - Arial Regular 9pt
  • Tel, Fax, Cell phone - Arial Regular 9pt


Logo and divisional names must meet the graphic standards.

The back of the card may be used for translation purposes, but must adhere to the same guidelines as front.


business cards

business cards 2

Letter Head  


Use primary color palette for Mirion Logo.

  • Font for address and contact info is Arial Regular 10pt
  • Font color for address and contact info is Pantone Warm Gray 5U
  • Legal name of local company, registered address as required by local laws must be included




For minimizing the cost, we recommend printing logo and address on the front page only. The name of the division may be included and should follow guidelines for business cards.