Mirion Logo : Size and Variations

Part 5 : Minimum Size and Resolution


To protect the integrity, legibility and impact of the Mirion Technologies logo or icon, it is never to be reproduced in sizes smaller than those listed. When using GIF or JPG files for the web, do not reproduce the logo smaller than 30px high.

Mirion Logo Resolution

Part 6 : Mirion Logo - Other Variations


Printed Materials with dark background : Whenever possible the logo should always include an orange M symbol. White on darker color can be used when 2-color cost or printing techniques are prohibitive.

Grayscale and Reverse : Only to be used for printing applications that do not use a four-color printing process. The "M" logo mark is 65% black, the words "Mirion" and "Technologies" are 85% black.


Mirion Variations (Download -  EPS, JPG, PNG)

Other logo alternatives