Mirion Logo : Usage, Exceptions, & Icon

Part 1 : Using the Mirion Logo


A logo is a steadfast visual identifier that remains constant, signifying an enduring commitment to the company's core beliefs. The logo was inspired by the idea of containment and is a graphic visualization of our company being safe, solid, secure and established.

When Mirion Technologies is mentioned in text it is set in sentence case, in the same style, size and color as surrounding text. Never in lower case, never color it differently than the surrounding text and never change the lettering style.


Primary Logo (Download - JPG, PNG, EPS)


Mirion Logo


Secondary Logo 1 (Download - JPG, PNG, EPS)

 Mirion Logo Stacked


Secondary Logo 2 (Download - JPG, PNG, EPS) 

 Mirion Logo Horizontal

Clear Space Ratios

Mirion Logo Clear Space 

Logo handling notes: The minimum clear space must always be 1.25X on all sides of the lockup where x = height of the logo. Whenever possible, the amount of clear space should be increased.


Part 2 : Logo Exceptions for Small Products


To account for technical constraints of labeling (stamping, silk screening, laser engraving), the logo may be modified:

  • Removal of the world TECHNOLOGIES - due to letter thinness
  • Removal of the vertical separating line - too thin

Above a length of 30mm, the standard Mirion logo should be used as described above standard usage section.

Small Product Logo Download : EPS, JPG, PNG

small product mirion logo

Part 3 : Mirion Icon Usage


The Mirion icon is used for specific applications such as mobile apps, desktop icon, software interface and on any marketing materials where social media may be used.

The Mirion icon is more versatile in its usage than the Mirion logo. Examples are shown. It can also be used on most colored backgrounds.

Mirion Icons (Download - EPS, JPG, PNG)