DMC 3000™ Electronic Dosimeter Training (Hardware & Software)

1 Day Training

This seminar is designed to support users tasked with the calibration, configuration and deployment of Mirion® electronic dosimeters (DMC / SOR Family). Attendees will gain insight into the capabilities of the dosimeter through parameter manipulation and hands on exercises involving the use of the DMC User™ software. Attendees will become familiar with the variety of dosimeter customization options and advanced features of the configuration software, and how to leverage them for their own applications.

Who should attend

Existing users (SOR, DMC 2000™ or DMC 3000 units) who calibrate, configure, or repair electronic dosimeters will gain the most benefit; individuals interested in Mirion’s dosimeter product line are welcome to attend.


Attendees should have a basic understanding of radiation interaction with matter, the basic purpose of contamination monitoring systems, equipment, and their operational procedures. Attendees are encouraged to bring a laptop to run the contamination monitor demonstration program.

Seminar content

  • Functional overview of the DMC and SOR communication protocols
  • Dosimeter detection technology and self-test features
  • DMC User configuration software overview
  • Dosimeter deployment: creation and maintenance of standard configurations
  • Configuration options for emergency deployment
  • Histogram recovery and interpretation
  • Dosimeter display customization
  • Calibration procedures and calibration factor adjustment
  • Common error messages and corrective actions
  • Advanced DMC User configurations

Date: Monday, July 29, 2019 
CECs Awarded: TBA

1 Day Training