Expansion of ISOCS™ to Non-Destructive Assay | NEW

1 Day Training

This is a 1-day seminar which focuses on the recent developments involved with incorporating the ISOCS system into existing Non-Destructive Assay (NDA) architectures. The methodology includes the processes of assessing information within boxed and drummed waste and how to apply such information within the ISOCS environment. Special attention is given to Figure-of-Merit (FOM) assessment, TMU budget assignment and lump self-attenuation correction for any distribution of radioactive materials. Much demonstration will be supplied involving the NDA 2000™ software architecture as well as the Genie™ 2000 environment.

Who should attend

Those with vested interests in Non-Destructive Assay (NDA) including measurement and/or regulatory conformance. Attendees should have a background in basic gamma NDA algorithms and some experience of ISOCS and NDA 2000 software. The mathematical basis of the techniques is presented for understanding, but advanced math capability is not required.

How you will benefit

Attending this seminar will give NDA managers and analysts much confidence with characterization and ultimate disposition of drummed and boxed radiological waste packages. In addition, the methodologies presented serve as a foundation for satisfying local and federal regulatory requirements.

Seminar topics

  • Reintroduction to gamma NDA, self-attenuation, ISOCS, NDA 2000, and TMU
  • Using ISOCS Uncertainty Estimator (IUE) to extend TMU from a fiducial waste container
  • Differential Self-Attenuation for lumpy Special Nuclear Material (SNM)
  • Expanded ISOCS and ISOCS On-the-Fly
  • Figure-of-Merit Assessment and TMU reduction
  • Reporting and expert analysis

Date: Tuesday, July 30, 2019
CECs Awarded: TBA

1 Day Training