Be Certain About Uncertainty Calculations | NEW

1 Day Training

This 1-day seminar provides an in-depth understanding of key Genie™ 2000 algorithms with a focus on uncertainty calculations. The aim of this class is to explain how the uncertainties reported by Genie 2000 software are calculated and what contributes to these uncertainties. This seminar expands beyond the scope of the currently offered Genie 2000 Algorithms Course.

Who should attend

The intended audience includes subject matter experts and personnel who are responsible for ensuring accurate results, including uncertainties, are being reported by their gamma spectroscopy systems. Attendees should have strong familiarization with Genie 2000 software. It is recommended for attendees to previously have taken the Genie 2000 Algorithms Course or have similar knowledge of the Genie 2000 algorithms. Basic calculus skills, including derivatives and matrices, will be helpful in understanding the seminar material.  

How you will benefit

Have you ever wondered how the uncertainty from the efficiency calibration is calculated? Or how does the interference correction algorithm actually work? The aim of this seminar is to illuminate the “black box” of software and provide transparency to the calculations performed behind the scenes. In this session, we will describe how the values input by the user are transformed to the results returned by the analysis. A deeper understanding of the analysis algorithms and the uncertainties will help you answer the toughest questions from your auditor, troubleshooting your analysis setup, and optimize your system for your application.

Seminar topics

  • Introduction to fitting a model to experimental data
  • Peak area calculations and uncertainties
  • Efficiency calibrations and uncertainties
  • Activity calculations and uncertainties
    • Weighted mean
    • Interference correction

Date: Monday, July 29, 2019 
Cost: $750
CECs Awarded: TBA

1 Day Training