NDA 2000™ 64 bit Version 6.0 Software | NEW

1 Day Training

The versatile waste assay NDA 2000 software can accommodate and manage many types, numbers, and combinations of analyzers, geometries, calibrations, results, and peripheral hardware. This 1-day seminar will introduce the 64 bit, Version 6, of the NDA 2000 Waste Assay Software and recommended methods of performing upgrades to existing systems and counters. The seminar will also introduce creating, setting up, and calibrating a new system including the incorporation of ISOCS™ modeled calibrations and counter quality assurance.

Who should attend

Those with existing or planned waste assay systems or existing gamma-ray spectroscopy detectors and/or neutron detectors they would like to integrate into a custom waste assay system. Attendees should have a good base understanding of radioactive waste assay needs and methods.

How you will benefit

Attending the seminar will assist in the transition of existing waste assay counters to the 64 bit, Version 6.0 of the NDA 2000 software. The seminar will also be helpful if you are planning to build or purchase a waste assay counter for easy operation and management of calibrations, data, quality assurance assay, results reports, data validation, and more.

Seminar topics

  • Transition of existing counters and waste assay systems to NDA 2000 software, 64 bit, Version 6.0
  • Designing or building a waste assay counter to suit your needs
  • Examples of using the software to define and set up your waste assay system
  • Incorporating ISOCS modeled calibrations into NDA 2000 software
  • Data review and validation options in NDA 2000 software
  • Quality Assurance of counters in NDA 2000 software

Date: Monday, July 29, 2019 
CECs Awarded: TBA

1 Day Training