Validation of Gamma Spectroscopy Results

1 Day Training

A Judicious Interrogation of a Gamma Spectroscopy Report

This 1-day seminar is designed as an in-depth practical exercise to review a typical gamma spectroscopy analysis report and derive a thorough understanding of the content. We will go step-by-step through an example report, reviewing the fundamentals and concepts of each contributing element for the purpose of establishing a thorough, methodical, reproducible process for the review of the analytical results. This seminar is a combination of lecture, hands-on exercises, and discussion.

Who should attend

This seminar is intended for technologists or supervisory personnel with responsibility for reviewing or approving gamma spectroscopy analytical results who are in need of a thorough, reproducible data review methodology. This seminar can serve as refresher training for experienced personnel or as a thorough foundation for new personnel.

How you will benefit

Attendees will become familiar with every element of a gamma spectroscopy report and the key elements that either support or reject the quality of the results. Supervisors and managers will benefit from the knowledge and competence gained by seminar attendees, achieving greater data quality for their gamma spectroscopy program.


Basic familiarity with the gamma spectroscopy analysis process is required. Attendees will derive more benefit from this seminar if they have had a thorough gamma spectroscopy fundamentals seminar, as we will draw on and review the fundamentals as we evaluate each element of the gamma spectroscopy report.

Seminar content

  • Overview of Gamma Spectroscopy and the Report Content
  • Why we need a thorough and efficient review process
  • Report Header Content
  • Calibrations and Quality Assurance
  • Peak Find and Peak Library Matching
    • “Real” peaks and spectrum artifacts
  • Peak Area Corrections
    • Interferences and Background
  • Peak Shape and Multiple’s
  • Peak and Nuclide Activity Calculations
    • What is that nuclide?
    • Where did it come from?
    • Could it really be there?
  • Decay and Ingrowth Corrections
  • Detection and Decision Criteria
  • Case Narrative
  • Signing a Report with Confidence

Date: Tuesday, July 30, 2019 
CECs Awarded: 8

1 Day Training