Health Physics Information Management Systems

Monday & Tuesday, July 19-20

We will dedicate two full days of sessions related to HIS-20™ Health Physics Information Management Systems. This track is open to current contract customers; there is no charge to participate. This is a great opportunity to collaborate with colleagues and share challenges and successes with the company and your fellow users. These sessions will be held on Monday and Tuesday which will allow you to participate in the conference later in the week.

Below is a summary of the topics we propose to cover at the 2021 conference. As more of you sign up we may decide to add or drop a topic to tailor the conference to you, our audience! And as always, don’t be afraid to volunteer to present any issue from your site that might be of interest to the HIS-20 / WACS community.


PADS Training

In this module, through hands-on training, we will setup, and produce Outbound PADS files for workers. We will then go through the Outbound PADS format and what to do if the data was not produced or PADS did not receive it.

NRC Form 5 Transfer File Training

In this module we will do hands-on training to produce an NRC Form 5 Transfer file. Once it is produced, we will then go through the contents using Regulatory Guide 8.7, Revision 4 to explain the format and what each column contains.


Possible prototype demonstration of a proposed new standalone WACS-Multibadge application allowing direct programming of electronic dosimeters. Discussion of its use will be encouraged for final design considerations.

Inventory Mobile/Web app

Possible prototype demonstration of a proposed new Mobile/web application for Inventory/Source Calibration Maintenance application(s). Discussion of its use will be encouraged for final design considerations.

HIS-20 / WACS Roadmap update

Last year we looked at where we want to go in the future. This year we’ll review and update that roadmap with your input.

Looking at Changes to the Source Inventory Module

We’ve heard what you have to say! Now we are looking for your feedback to see if we got it right. In this session, we will have a hands-on demonstration of the completed changes to date.

Meet with the Experts

During these time frames the HIS-20 team will be available to talk one-on-one with anyone who has questions, ideas, or other comments.

Roundtable – to be determined

Send us your ideas or questions on items you wish to discuss with your peers!

SPR Voting

In this session we will discuss the results for the 2021 SPR voting. In addition, we will also update you on the progress of past voted on SPRs.

Simple Queries

In a continuation from last year, we will continue learning how to write SQL statements to be used from HIS-20 to get answers to questions that aren’t available on reports or dashboard queries.

Training – New User Menu and Dashboards

The main menu for HIS-20 has been revamped. You can now add hyperlinks to your most used functions. We are also introducing some “EZ” functions (like issuing a TLD, and an Instrument). There are new dashboard queries for Source Control and Equipment Management. We will cover the entire new menu, the “EZ” functions and new dashboard queries.

Training – RWP Copy Wizard

Hands-on training on copying one or more RWPs from one year to the next.