One-Day Training Sessions | Monday

Basic Contamination Monitoring

This seminar will begin with a short review of the operating principles, setup and calibration of the Mirion® contamination monitors. These principles can be applied and extended across the product lines. The required steps to properly setup, calibrate, alarm test, and trouble shoot and perform required maintenance on the monitors will be covered. Concepts are taught… Read More

Practical QA/QC Considerations in Gamma Spectroscopy

Users of analytical equipment understand that an extensive and consistent Quality Assurance (QA) program is integral to delivering defensible and valid results. With the advancements in electronic storage of the data, creating quality control charts and reports is the easy part. However, knowing what parameters to track, what types of QA tests to use and… Read More

Introduction to LabSOCS™ Software

This 1-day seminar provides a general introduction to the LabSOCS mathematical efficiency calibration software, including the primary topics noted below. The intent is to effectively cover a large amount of material in lecture format at a relatively fast pace, while preserving adequate time for questions and open discussion. Who should attend The intended audience includes technologists… Read More

Be Certain About Uncertainty Calculations | NEW

This 1-day seminar provides an in-depth understanding of key Genie™ 2000 algorithms with a focus on uncertainty calculations. The aim of this class is to explain how the uncertainties reported by Genie 2000 software are calculated and what contributes to these uncertainties. This seminar expands beyond the scope of the currently offered Genie 2000 Algorithms… Read More

NDA 2000™ 64 bit Version 6.0 Software | NEW

The versatile waste assay NDA 2000 software can accommodate and manage many types, numbers, and combinations of analyzers, geometries, calibrations, results, and peripheral hardware. This 1-day seminar will introduce the 64 bit, Version 6, of the NDA 2000 Waste Assay Software and recommended methods of performing upgrades to existing systems and counters… Read More

DMC 3000™ Electronic Dosimeter Training (Hardware & Software)

This seminar is designed to support users tasked with the calibration, configuration and deployment of Mirion electronic dosimeters (DMC / SOR Family). Attendees will gain insight into the capabilities of the dosimeter through parameter manipulation and hands on exercises involving the use of the DMC User™ software. Attendees will become familiar with the variety of… Read More

One-Day Training Sessions | Tuesday

Advanced Contamination Monitoring

This seminar is designed to give attendees a more in depth look at achieving the performance standards provided by INPO, ANI, and EPRI with regard to personnel and object contamination monitoring. Several advanced tools and data gathering-analysis methods will be presented in regard to alarm testing, radon progeny rejection tuning, passive monitoring, and self-shielding corrections… Read More

MDA from the Ground Up | NEW

Minimum Detectable Activity (MDA) is one of the hardest concepts to understand in gamma spectroscopy. This 1-day seminar provides a thorough explanation of the concepts starting from basic counting statistics, through a review of the Currie method, and concluding with examples of more complex measurement scenarios. Who should attend:  The intended audience includes anyone working… Read More

Getting the Most Accurate Model with the LabSOCS™ Beaker Editor – Advanced LabSOCS | NEW

This seminar provides a thorough discussion and demonstration of the LabSOCS Beaker Editor and related sample geometry modeling options. Ever had a challenging sample container that didn’t seem to fit the normal LabSOCS geometry templates? The Beaker Editor gives you the tools to accurately model all those curves and concavities. In this seminar, we will show you how… Read More

Validation of Gamma Spectroscopy Results

A Judicious Interrogation of a Gamma Spectroscopy Report This 1-day seminar is designed as an in-depth practical exercise to review a typical gamma spectroscopy analysis report and derive a thorough understanding of the content. We will go step-by-step through an example report, reviewing the fundamentals and concepts of each contributing element for the purpose of… Read More

Expansion of ISOCS™ to Non-Destructive Assay | NEW

This is a 1-day seminar which focuses on the recent developments involved with incorporating the ISOCS system into existing Non-Destructive Assay (NDA) architectures. The methodology includes the processes of assessing information within boxed and drummed waste and how to apply such information within the ISOCS environment… Read More

Radiation Safety Awareness Training

Do you know what to do if there’s a radiological accident in your community? Do you know how to stay safe – or how to keep your people safe? Can you pick the right radiation instrument, perform the surveys that need to be performed, and interpret the results? Do you know how much radiation it… Read More

Half-Day Training Session | Tuesday

Wireless Telemetry Applications

In this seminar we are combining parts of our WRM / Telemetry Training, TeleView Training and AWM training to show you how to use your equipment and software for the different purposes you have, and some you may not have thought of yet! Read More

Two-Day Training Sessions

Creating Genie™ 2000 Analysis Scripts | NEW

Learn to create custom analysis scripts that can be used in Genie 2000 Analysis sequence files. Scripts can be used to do such things as custom analysis calculations, creating delimited export files, communicating with databases, and many other things. The programming language used for this seminar is Visual Basic script. How you will benefit Attendees who… Read More

Fundamentals of Gamma Spectroscopy

This seminar covers the complete range of gamma spectroscopy principles from a review of radiation detection principles to evaluation of results and everything in between. This is a concentrated, concise, fast-paced seminar that includes a practical approach to all aspects of gamma-ray spectrometry. This seminar is not a hardware or software operations seminar but does… Read More

Genie™ 2000 Gamma Analysis Foundations & Optimization

Do you know the optimal peak significance threshold setting for low-level gamma spectroscopy measurements? When is it best to use a fixed FWHM setting? Should you use a linear continuum setting or a step function to fit the continuum? When should you perform cascade summing corrections? Do you know how to perform cascade summing corrections? … Read More

Apex-Alpha/Beta™ Operations

This 2-day seminar focuses on the Apex-Alpha/Beta software setup, database interaction and automated sample processing operations. The class is intended for count room managers and technicians responsible for setup, processing, reporting and data review of alpha/beta samples. The training will cover the architecture of the Apex-Alpha/Beta software, installation, operational setups, calibrations, security, reports, QA, data… Read More