0-3 kV H.V. Power Supply
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0-3 kV H.V. Power Supply
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Model 3002D unit is a NIM Bin compatible high voltage power supply designed for operation with essentially all types of nuclear radiation detectors.

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  • Digital display of voltage and current
  • Regulated 0 to ±3000 V dc, 0 to 10 mA output
  • External control of output voltage over full range
  • Polarity indication with preview
  • Noise and ripple <10 mV peak-to-peak
  • Overload and short circuit protected


The Mirion Model 3002D unit is a NIM Bin compatible high voltage power supply designed for operation with essentially all types of nuclear radiation detectors. Particularly well-suited for use with scintillation detectors, the standard double-width NIM module provides a well regulated output up to 10 mA at 0 to ±3000 V dc.

A recessed switch on the bottom panel is used to select either 115 or 230 V ac input power furnished through a power line cord and connector. The 3002D unit can also be operated outside the NIM Bin from any ac power receptacle, since it requires no power from the Bin. The power supply will withstand any overload or direct output short-circuit for an indefinite period of time and provide normal output automatically upon removal of the fault.

Output voltage is continuously adjustable by means of the calibrated front panel control over the full range from 0 to ±3000 V. The output voltage can also be controlled over its full range by application of an external input dc level of 0 to –5 V through a rear panel BNC connector. A 3-1/2 digit liquid crystal display meter measures output voltage with a resolution of 10 V, and output current with a resolution of 10 mA.

A polarity reversal switch provides selection of positive or negative output polarity. To prevent inadvertent polarity reversal, the switch is top panel mounted and screwdriver activated. In addition, the setting of the polarity selector switch is indicated by illumination of a front panel LED which can be previewed in the STANDBY mode.


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