0-6 kV H.V. Power Supply
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0-6 kV H.V. Power Supply
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Model 3106D unit is a NIM high voltage power supply designed primarily for operation with semiconductor detectors.

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  • Compact single width NIM package
  • Regulated up to ±6000 V dc, 300 μA output
  • Noise and ripple ≤3 mV peak to peak
  • Overload and short circuit protected
  • Overload, inhibit and polarity status indicators
  • Inhibit and overload latching circuits
  • Digital front panel meter


The Mirion Model 3106D unit is a NIM high voltage power supply designed primarily for operation with semiconductor detectors. It is particularly well suited for use with high resolution detector systems. By design, the 3106D NIM will accommodate all types of detectors requiring up to 6 kV bias and up to 300 μA of current.

The output voltage is continuously adjustable from ±30 V dc to ±6000 V dc. For low voltage detectors, a secondary output having a range of ±3 V to ±600 V is available. A three-digit volt meter measures and displays the output voltage with a resolution of 10 volts on the normal output and 1 volt on the secondary output. Polarity is selected internally.

The Model 3106D NIM will withstand any overload or short circuit condition for an indefinite period of time. An inhibit input is available for remote shut down of the 3106D unit. The unit can be programmed by an internal jumper either to resume normal operation after removal of the fault or the inhibit or to require a manual reset.

The 3106D unit’s output rise time of 5 seconds protects preamplifiers and detectors from excessive surge currents while charging.


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