SpiR-ID | Advanced Handheld Detection and Identification

Product Description

The SpiR-ID is an advanced handheld identifier designed to efficiently search for radioactive and nuclear materials, using “on the fly” threat discrimination.  The SpiR-ID quickly and reliably identifies and categorizes radionuclides for demanding scenarios including heavily shielded or masked threats. Thanks to a large volume detector powered by the Identpro/SIA algorithm the SpiR-ID can provide instantaneous identification of multiple sources.
The SpiR-ID is a ruggedized version suited for field use in harsh environments, and the SpiR-ID LT is a lighter version.

Product Features

  • Real-time continuous identification due to large detector and unique algorithm
  • Homeland Security and Nuclear accident libraries
  • Reliable ID of shielded/mixed /masked complex scenarios
  • Exceeds ANSI N42-34 (2006) ID and level requirements by factor of 10
  • Fully automated energy stabilization
  • Embedded GPS with mapping software
  • Optional external contamination probe


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