SPIR-Ident Vehicle & Pedestrian | Advanced Spectroscopic Portal


The SPIR-Ident Vehicle and Pedestrain is a gamma and neutron spectrometric portal. It is intended for dynamic detection and identification mode for protecting sites and critical infrastructure from the intrusion of special nuclear materials (SNM) or radiological dispersion devices (RDD) by controlling pedestrian, luggages, small items, parcels and vehicles. It can be configured for use with occupancy detector or ancillary cameras to provide a complete protection solution.



  • Gamma and neutron detectors
  • Dynamic pass through mode
  • Effective real-time Medical and NORM rejection
  • Single, double sided and multiple pillars for passage ways
  • Masked and shielded SNM and RDD identification
  • Automated operation with full camera support
  • “Easy” display and advanced modes
  • Automated log with spectrum and image capture
  • Masked and shielded SNM and RDD identification

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