MBD-2 | Battlefield Dosimeter

Product Description

The MBD-2 dosimeter is a real-time, self-indicating device that requires no user intervention for operation. The MBD-2 dosimeter is based upon Mirion Technologies’ patented Direct Ion Storage (DIS) technology. Direct Ion Storage technology is a method for detecting ionizing radiation through use of an ion chamber detector combined with a simplified method for computing dose from a voltage value from the detector.

The MBD-2 measures and records dose for gamma, neutron, and beta (shallow). It is ergonomic, and designed to be worn comfortably on the wrist (watch-type), or clipped to a garment (badge-type). The MBD-2 is lightweight, dark grey or black in color and low profile in size. Its edges are rounded to accommodate clothing and gear. The device closely resembles a wristwatch and therefore is natural to observe when reading the display.

Product Features

  • Accurate and reliable Direct Ion Storage technology hybrid device (active/passive)
  • NFC and/or BLE communication
  • Self-reading for effective decision making
  • Hands-free operation
  • Programmable display
  • Configurable operating parameters
  • Wrist worn or clipped to lanyard or garment
  • Internal histogram
  • Pulsed-xray measurements to 65nsec pulses
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