Cameras for Other Rotary Kilns

Rotary kilns are also used in a variety of other industrial processes. They can be used as pelletisers, calciners, dryers or can act as the reaction vessel for a host of specialised operations in the metals, chemical and mineral industries.

It is often a vital requirement for operators to have a constant view of the kiln’s internal operations on screen in the control room, in order to identify ring build ups, blockages or other upset conditions at an early stage.

Mirion’s LYNX high temperature camera systems are extensively used for kiln viewing applications, owing to their robust build quality and excellent picture quality. Operators can view conditions inside the kiln from the comfort of the control room, avoiding the need to go to the kiln hood to check on the process.

For higher level kiln control, plants can use the Mirion SPYROMETER system to give multiple zone temperature measurement inside the kiln. The Spyrometer system combines a highly accurate, two-colour pyrometer system to give the operator the ability to measure temperatures inside the kiln. Product temperatures can be measured to a very high level of accuracy and repeatability, making the system ideal for integration into a closed loop control system.

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