SC985 HR | Color Camera Outstation

PRODUCT description

The SC985 HR Color Camera outstation from Mirion Technologies has been developed to provide a color image for Mid-Radiation applications in the nuclear industry.

Combining high quality images with a robust pan/tilt/zoom platform, the SC985 HR is ideal for inspection and surveillance applications either underwater or in air. The option of on-board LED lights provides additional scene illumination when required.

The radiation tolerance of 50kGy (5 Mrad) is achieved by utilizing Mirion’s Dotcam HR Technology, combined with a new non browning zoom lens and shielding. With an easy-to-replace sensor and other parts radiation tolerant to 1MGy (100 Mrad), the outstation delivers a low cost of ownership.

The pan and tilt unit provides full movement and all external surfaces are Stainless Steel to allow easy decontamination.



  • Radiation tolerant to 50kGy (5 Mrad)
  • Maximum dose rate: 1kGy/h (100k rad per hour)
  • High quality color images with resolution of 450TV Lines
  • 10:1 Non-browning clear glass optical zoom lens
  • 1MGy radiation tolerant pan and tilt unit
  • Option of high intensity LED lighting
  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Uses same Radiation tolerant cable as R981 Camera
  • In air or underwater

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