R985 Radiation Tolerant Single Unit Camera

Product Description

The R985 is a monochrome single unit (power in/video out) radiation tolerant camera module offering radiation tolerance of 1,000Gray per hour and an accumulated dose of 100,000 Grays (1kGy).

The R985 is compact and lightweight unit providing 550 TV Lines of resolution and is supplied in modular form (with a C or D lens mount) so the user can fit their own lenses and housings as required.

Product Features

  • The camera module also includes an auto-iris motor drive output, motorized focus (tube racking) and balanced or unbalanced video output for coaxial or twisted pair cable
  • Radiation tolerant 200,000 Grays (1000 Grays per hour)
  • Monochrome tube based camera
  • Simple cabling is all that is required (12v in, video out), and power down video version available to minimize wiring
  • Can be sold as module so end user can fit lenses and houses as required


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