S983 Shielded System Camera

Product Description

The S983 is a high resolution color zoom camera with radiation tolerance to 10KGy (1Mrad).

The S983 cameras utilizes high density shielding that surrounds and protects the inner (low cost) camera module.  A prism is used to dogleg the optics to minimize direct radiation exposure and the unit can be fitted with on-board dosimetry to aid the user in determining the expected life of the camera module.  The majority of the camera is radiation tolerant to 1MGy (100 Mrads) with only the core technology limiting the overall radiation tolerance.

The camera is sealed for underwater or in-air use and ideal for surveillance in medium radiation environments. The S983 can be fitted to an “in air” pan and tilt unit and can be fitted with lights.  This camera outstation is fully compatible with other Mirion camera systems, including R981/C981 and C983, thus allowing easy integration of various camera types into a comprehensive surveillance system.

Product Features

  • Color radiation tolerant camera to 1 MRad 137CS
  • 10:1 optical Zoom with 4x digital
  • Excellent color picture quality up to 1 Krad per hour
  • Compatible with R981 and C983 controllers and cables
  • Variable speed pan and tilt
  • Pan and tilt speed proportional to zoom 


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