Contamination Monitoring & Clearance

Contamination monitors scan materials, vehicles, and people for example at the boundaries of controlled areas. These monitors protect against the uncontrolled spread of radioactive material.

Whole Body Contamination Monitoring

Systems designed to detect radioactive contamination on a worker's body prior to entering or exiting a radiologically controlled area.

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Vehicle Monitoring

Systems designed to detect the presence of radioactive material within a vehicle passing a checkpoint.

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Tool & Object Monitoring

Monitors designed to quickly screen tools, clothing and other objects for radioactive contamination.

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Supervision System

Central monitoring system software for easy supervision.

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Large Item & Clearance Monitoring

Monitors designed to screen large objects and waste for radioactive contamination.

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Hand Foot Monitoring

Monitors designed to detect radioactive contamination on a worker's hand or foot.

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Gamma Portal Monitoring

Monitors designed to detect gamma radiation presence on people.

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Conveyor Monitoring

Conveyors designed to screen small or long items and clothing item.

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In-Vivo Counting

Systems designed to provide whole body and lung counting capabilities.

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Featured Products and Accessories

Small Objects Monitor

The CPO-Smart® monitor performs contamination checks and clearance of small objects in controlled areas of Nuclear Power Plants.

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Gamma Exit Monitor

The highly sensitive GEM-5 gamma exit monitor provides power plants and nuclear facilities the very latest gamma detection capability to monitor pedestrians leaving areas of potential radioactive contamination.

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Large Object Monitor

Quick and accurate scanning of items such as larger tools, boxes, or even a small waste drum.

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HandFoot-Fibre XL/Med
Hand and Foot Clothing Monitor

Minimizes the impact of background radiation with eight measurment channels.

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