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HPGe and Si(Li) detectors must be maintained at liquid nitrogen (LN2) temperatures (77K) when in use. The liquid nitrogen cryostat is the most important component in assuring reliable long term performance of these detector systems. Cryostats are also available which need minimal LN2 refilling or no LN2 at all.

Cryo-Pulse 5 Plus
Electrically Refrigerated Cryostat

The Cryo-Pulse® 5 Plus cryostat is an electrically powered cryostat for use with HPGe radiation detectors.

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Cryo-Cycle™ II
Hybrid Cryostat

The Cryo-Cycle II cryostat is described as a “hybrid” cryostat because it combines the advantages of electric cooling with the reliability of liquid nitrogen.

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Slimline cryostats are designed so that the detector and electronics both fit in a cylindrical housing without any protruding flanges, valves, and preamplifier enclosures.

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Flanged™ Cryostats
Liquid Nitrogen Cryostat

The liquid nitrogen cryostat is the most important and least appreciated component in assuring reliable long term performance of a germanium detector system.

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U-Style cryostats have a vertically-oriented detector chamber located at the end of a horizontal arm extending from the side of the Dewar or cooler.

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Portable Cryostats

For applications requiring both portability and flexibility of use, the MAC (multi-attitude cryostat) is the answer.

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Ultra Low-Background Cryostats

Custom low-background detectors for low level gamma spectroscopy.

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Retractable cryostats provide a means of moving the detector element in relation to the sample with both under vacuum.

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7170 LN2
Level Gauge/Controller


  • Solenoid valve with captive 3 m (10 ft) cord (110 V or 230 V)
  • Hoses for fill and vent


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LN2 Accessories
Storage and Filling

Liquid Nitrogen storage and filling accessories

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