Mirion manufactures a wide range of Germanium photon detectors, cryostats and accessories. In addition to manufactured detectors, we carry other types as well to complement our gamma spectroscopy and counting systems.

Standard High Purity Germanium Detectors

HPGe detectors offer the highest resolution of any detector type, along with low intrinsic background.

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Cryostats, coolers & options

Mirion offers a wide range of liquid nitrogen (LN2) and LN2-free cryostats for HPGe and Si(Li) detectors for use in any laboratory or in situ measurement application.

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HPGe Detector Shields

Shields and accessories to minimize backgrounds in standard and low background counting systems.

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Scintillation, CZT Detectors & Options

Medium and low resolution detectors in a range of sizes and efficiencies to meet your application needs and budget.

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