DMC 2000TD™

Dosimeter Training Simulator
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DMC 2000TD™

Dosimeter Training Simulator
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Simulate real-time electronic dosimetry with the Mirion Technologies DMC 2000TD device.

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  • It’s the real DMC 2000™ unit (All external hardware, speaker, display, pushbutton.)
  • Simulates all features and functions of the DMC 2000S unit.
  • Supports all DMC 2000S configurations (alarm setpoints, display, rate latching, autonomous or satellite mode.)
  • Provides all threshold alarms, plus 12 fault and alarm features.
  • Works with iPAM-TX, PAM-2, PAM-TRX, iMUX.
  • Designed for manual or automatic dose rate input.


SIM-Teq™ System Features

  • Easy setup.
  • Wireless network of simulated dosimeters and survey meters and the Simulation Control Center (SCC) application.
  • SCC application operates on any Windows 8.1 tablet with a USB Dongle and up to 32 simulated training devices.
  • Training instructor remotely views and controls simulated gamma radiation levels, alarms, and fault conditions as observed by a trainee operating the connected device.
  • Supports all existing and future training devices.
  • Easily updated via Microsoft Windows Store.

Designed to be an effective and realistic training device, it replicates all dosimeter functions, alarms, and fault displays. It can even be used with existing transmitters and alarm modules, which allows for the training of remote monitoring personnel on how to properly respond to alarm conditions identified by remote monitoring such as Teleview 3000™ software. All around the DMC 2000TD device is an invaluable tool in keeping personnel operationally trained on how to use and respond to their electronic dosimeters.


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