DMC 3000 Telemetry Module


The add-on Telemetry Module attaches to the DMC 3000 dosimeter and allows transmission of a worker’s radiological data to the WRM2 base station and software for remote monitoring. The Telemetry module also allows for additional connected accessories like the heart rate monitor and alarm enhancments. Supplemental power allows for 40+ hours of continuous use.

How to Connect the Telemetry Module to the DMC 3000


  • Transmits radiological information, in pre-configured intervals to WRM2 Telemetry receivers
  • Low-power optimized for long life
  • Optional Bluetooth link for communication to supplemental alarm accessories
  • 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz Options
  • Battery Type: AAA (LR03 1.5v)
  • External Power: 1.5V-3.6V through battery adapter
  • Battery Life: >40 hours
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