for Conventional Alpha/Beta Probes
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for Conventional Alpha/Beta Probes
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It is a SMART converter that brings CSP™ capabilities to conventional probes and offers new life to the thousands of Alpha/Beta probes that have been rendered unusable due to the obsolescence of their associated survey meters.

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  • Provides older conventional Alpha/Beta probes with Canberra™ Smart Probe capabilities
  • Improves discrimination capabilities
  • Supports computer driven calibration with CSPS™ platform
  • Makes probes independent from meter
  • Aids in transitioning to new smart instrument
  • Leverages existing installed base of Alpha/Beta probes


The DONGLE-AB device is designed to be used with CSP (Canberra Smart Probes) meters such as a Radiagem™ meter, MIP-10 Digital™ meter, Avior® or Colibri® meters. It is a SMART converter that brings CSP capabilities to conventional probes and offers new life to the thousands of Alpha/Beta probes that have been rendered unusable due to the obsolescence of their associated survey meters.

The dongle minimizes the initial investment in a new generation of smart instruments by leveraging existing probes.

The DONGLE-AB unit has been successfully tested with THERMO/NE DP6 and DP2, THERMO/EBERLINE (S)HP380AB and LUDLUM Model 43-93 and has been shown to improve the probe's discrimination capability (by up to five times) as well as to achieve a better MDA. When used in conjunction with the Colibri ALARA communication platform, the dongle's high-performance signal processing minimizes crosstalk for better support of daily contamination checks in the field with a single measurement.

When paired to the DONGLE-AB device, the probe becomes a smart package that is independent from the meter and available for any instrument from the CSP family. Prior to this, the meter and probe needed to be calibrated together and therefore the instrument remained on the shelf until an application required this specific configuration. This new approach delivers more uptime of existing instruments, thereby reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) because one needs fewer instruments to accomplish the same daily duties.

The DONGLE-AB device is part of the Mirion CSP family. It includes all key components of hardware circuitry (high voltage power supply, amplifier, discriminator, etc.). Also, the intelligence associated with controlling those components is located in the DONGLE-AB unit including control and storage of key parameters, settings, calibrations, probe ID, alarm settings (10 values for each unit to display with default setting), etc. Thus the probe and the DONGLE-AB unit make a fully integrated subsystem taking and transmitting the measurement to any Mirion CSP meter, which is used for display.

With high voltage and digitization of the data occurring in the DONGLE-AB device rather than the instrument, measurement quality is no longer dependent on the quality of an external device. Moreover, the DONGLE-AB unit uses a serial protocol to communicate with the host which can be an instrument or a PC.

Calibration or daily source check can be performed directly with the dongle, without requiring an instrument, by connecting the dongle to a computer with the Canberra Smart Probe Software (CSPS™), allowing your CSP instruments to remain deployed in the field.

Once calibrated, the DONGLE-AB unit and Alpha/Beta probe are ready to be used as a plug and play assembly to start a QA measurement in CPM, DPM, DMP/100 cm2 with CSP instrument in US settings; or c/s, Bq, Bq/cm2 with CSP instruments in SI settings. DONGLE-AB units connect directly to a CSP instrument without jeopardizing the good balance of the new configuration when held in one hand. It can also connect to CSP-COM-BT Bluetooth communication module to turn the new configuration into a wireless subsystem talking to the Colibri meter.

The DONGLE-AB device is able to store up to 1000 data points from a data logging procedure handled via a host instrument. These data are: index, date/time, measurement value, selected unit and counting time.

A DONGLE-AB unit can be upgraded (firmware) via the CSPS platform, a USB cable and a PC.


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