Fuel Ponds and Underwater Inspection Cameras

Monitoring and surveillance of fuel ponds and other underwater environments in nuclear facilities, using water-resistant, radiation tolerant cameras.

PLIM & PLEX Survey Cameras

Carry out inspection and interim maintenance of reactors and other nuclear facilities.

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Fuel Dismantling & Reprocessing Inc Encapsulation & Vitrification Cameras

Monitor the dismantling and reprocessing of spent Nuclear Fuel, Encapsulation of LLW & ILW and Vitrification of HLW.

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Cameras for Robotics, Manipulators, Cranes & Bridges

Camera systems that enable safe and accurate movement within vaults and hot cells.

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Critical Component Monitoring (RCP) Cameras

Remotely monitor critical components such as reactor coolant pumps, pressurizers and valves.

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Foreign Object Search & Retrieval (FOSAR) Cameras

Quickly locate, identify and enable the retrieval of foreign objects from refueling ponds and other critical areas.

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Ponds and Storage Facility Cameras

Remotely monitor introduction, positioning and removal of fuel in reactor and storage ponds.

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In-Containment/Post Event Monitoring Cameras

Remotely monitor reactor buildings during normal operations and post-accident scenarios.

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Remote Handling Cameras

Remotely monitor movement/handling of fuel and other radioactive materials.

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