Genesis Ultra TLD™

Beta, Gamma, X-ray & Neutron Radiation Monitoring
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Genesis Ultra TLD™

Beta, Gamma, X-ray & Neutron Radiation Monitoring
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The Genesis Ultra TLD Dosimeter responds accurately to beta, gamma, X-ray and neutron radiation sources.

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  • Virtually no fade
  • MRD of 1 mrem (0.01 mSv) available upon request
  • Wear periods from one week to one year
  • Unique serial number for identification and tracking
  • Whole-body, wrist and area monitoring configurations
  • Provides thermal, intermediate and fast neutron dosimetry capability
  • Improved label with larger fonts and wear locations
  • Enhanced ergonomics


The Genesis Ultra TLD responds accurately to beta, gamma, X-ray, and neutron radiation.

The response of each element is corrected by the application of its own unique element correction factors and allows for the reporting of deep, lens of eye and shallow doses.

Unlike other TLD products, the Genesis Ultra TLD has virtually no fading characteristics. Due to the increase in signal response a minimum reportable dose (MRD) as low as 1 mrem (0.01 mSv) is available, compared to the 10 mrem (0.10 mSv) MRD of other TLD products.

This product is part of Mirion's comprehensive dosimetry services program.

 Learn more about why Mirion's Dosimetry Services is the best choice for your radiation safety program 

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  • Any occupational worker with potential exposure to gamma, X-ray, beta and/or neutron radiation.
  • Nuclear medicine facilities, imaging centers, research diagnostic centers and all employees with potential exposure to gamma, X-ray and beta.
  • Nuclear power plant workers, research laboratories, hospitals, universities and industrial applications.

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