External Wide Range Gamma Probe
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External Wide Range Gamma Probe
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Gamma probe with GM Tube low range detector and silicon diode high range detector.

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  • compatible with Mirion RDS-31™ survey meter models
  • remote dose rate measurements
  • non-volatile memory
  • casing of epoxy powder painted aluminum
  • optional telescopic rod
  • cord lengths up to 50 meters upon request


This External Probe enhances the detection capability of the RDS-31 survey meter models.

The GMP-12GSD probe is intended for monitoring gamma and X-ray radiation. It has been designed to fulfill both the civil defense and industrial applications requirements. GMP-12GSD unit is a ”smart” probe, having an internal high voltage generator and non-volatile memory for calibration coefficients and probe identification data. The measured quantity is the H*(10) ambient dose equivalent; also dose measurement can be performed with RDS-31 scaler function.  

Thus the probe can be connected “on-the-fly” without any need for switching off the meter, which automatically recognizes the probe type and sets the meter reading to defined measuring unit.


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