HPGe Detector Shields

Lead shields prevent high background counts with gamma detectors due to external sources, thus reducing counting times and improving the lower limit of detection. An active shield option using cosmic veto technology is also available to minimize background further for ultra-low background detector applications.

Low Background
Detector Systems

The term "low background" is used fairly indiscriminately in describing gamma analysis systems. The one common denominator for such systems is some form of shielding, but beyond this, anything goes. 

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Front Opening Split-Top Shield

The 767 system is a full-size and full-featured lead shield for use with germanium detectors having a vertical orientation.

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Lead Shield

The Model 747 Mirion Lead Shield is intended for use with Germanium detectors.

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Ultra Low-Background Shield

The 777 system is an ultra low-background lead shield for germanium gamma-ray detectors.

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Lead Shield

The Model 737 Lead Shield is designed to accommodate U-style™ cryostats which have a vertical detector chamber located at the end of a horizontal arm extending from the side of the Dewar.

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Cosmic Veto Background Reduction System

CosmicGuard device is a simple add-on to any new or existing High Purity Germanium (HPGe) counting system that includes a Lynx® Digital Signal Analyzer and Genie™ 2000 or Apex-Gamma™ spectroscopy software.

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Slimline Lead Shield

The slimline detector shields are perfect for our Slimline Cryostats

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Detector Accessories

Germanium Detector Accessories

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