InSpector Multichannel Analyzer
Manufactured by: The Characterization Divison
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InSpector Multichannel Analyzer
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Provides measurement and/or confirmation of uranium enrichment using the enrichment meter technique.

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  • Provides measurement/confirmation of uranium enrichment using the enrichment meter technique
  • Based on Brookhaven/Los Alamos designs for use by the IAEA
  • Provides complete functionality of IAEA PMCN* and PMCG** procedures 
  • 239Pu detection levels <1 mg 
  • Available with following detector types:
    • 241Am seeded NaI(Tl) detector (both characterized and uncharacterized for temperature drift)
    • Normal NaI(Tl) detectors
    • HPGe detectors
  • Available in general user or special IAEA format
* Portable multichannel analyzer with NaI detector (IAEA/SG-NDA 5).
** Portable multichannel analyzer with HPGe detector (IAEA/SG-NDA 13)


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