Spectrum Analysis Monitors


Spectrum analysis monitors provide gamma spectra analysis that identify and display specific isotopes detected in a graphical format. For unattended operation, these systems cover most of the gamma measurement ranges required by regulations and industrial guidelines and provide very efficient, reliable and fast response times. There are four sizes of NaI(TI) detectors available to meet site-specific requirements.

  • 6 decade measurement ranges from 10-8 to 102 μCi/cc with detector sizes ranging from 1 ¼” x 1” up to 3” x 3”
  • Energy range: 100 keV to 7 MeV
  • No pump, filters, heat tracing, dryer or beaker sediments required
  • Less expensive than off-line monitors
  • Graphical spectrum displays
  • 1E qualification and embedded safety-related software
  • Available under 10 CFR 50 App.B, ASME NQA-1 and IEC61226 programs for safety related applications


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Product Family Comparison

RangeQualificationDetectorExample of application
SAM 201K
SAM 202K
SAM 203K
SAM 204K
6 decades between
10-8 to 10+2 µCi/cc
3.7 102 to 3.7 1012 Bq/m3
1E QualifiedNaI , 1" x 1" 1/4
NaI , 3" x 2" 
NaI , 2" x 2"
NaI , 3" x 3"
Primary sampling system
Gaseous radwaste discharge
Steam generator blowdown
Extreme T°:
-5°C to 55°C
+23°F to +131°F
100 Gy
104 rad
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