Irradiation Monitors

A full range of irradiation monitors using various types of detectors including ionization chambers, silicon diode detectors, GM tubes or Helium 3 tubes can cover a wide variety of applications including area monitoring for personnel protection, process line monitoring, and perimeter monitoring.

  • Low, high, and wide range gamma detectors as well as wide and high energy neutron detectors are available
  • Varying cable lengths, until 200 m
  • Compact and reliable 
  • Available with or without display and local signaling
  • Measurement in Gy/h (rad/h) or Sv/h (rem/h) 


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Product Family Comparison

RangeQualificationDetectorExample of application
GIM 201KMeasurement:
10-6 to 10 Sv/h
10-4 to 10+3 rem/h
1E QualifiedIonization chamber Main control room dose rate
Extreme T°:
-40°C to 55°C
-40°F to +131°F
105 Gy
107 rad
GIM 204KMeasurement:
10-8 to 10+3 Sv/h
10-6 to 10+5 rad/h
1E QualifiedSilicon Main control room dose rate
Loading hall dose rate
Dose rate for evacuation alarms
Extreme T°:
-20°C to 55°C
-4°F to +131°F
100 Gy
104 rad
GIM 207K
GIM 208K
GIM 209K
GIM 210K
GIM207: 10-6 to 10-3 Gy/h
10-4 to 10-1 rad/h
GIM208: 10-4 to 1 Gy/h
10-2 to 10+2 rad/h
GIM209: 10-6 to 1 Gy/h
10-4 to 10+2 rad/h
GIM210 : dual
1E QualifiedGM tube(s) Primary sampling system
Main steam line monitoring
Extreme T°:
-5°C to 55°C
+23°F to +131°F
100 Gy
104 rad

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