Large Item & Clearance Monitoring

Clearance monitors automate the task of clearing large objects and waste for the presence of contamination.

Large Object Monitor

Quick and accurate scanning of items such as larger tools, boxes, or even a small waste drum.

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Large Waste Monitor

A conveyor-based clearance monitor for quick and accurate scanning of large items, grid boxes, etc.

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Waste Monitor

The RTM661/540 system is the largest monitor of the RTM661 family using the same software and filling the final level in reference to customer chamber size requirements.

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Waste Monitor

The RTM640Inc system is a unique waste monitor designed to clear large amounts of material or drums.

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Gas Bottle Monitor
Clearance Measurement of Pressurized Gas Bottles

The Gas Bottle Monitor is a clearance measurement monitor for contamination on the surface of pressurized gas bottles.

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